whatsapp messaging service

cheaper than whatsapp business
one-time codes / notifications / alarms / reminders / see details
Step #1
Login with whatsapp number
Get your own API key

Check details

Step #2
Send messages on whatsapp using REST API
* send one-time verification codes
* send notifications
* send alarms/reminders/etc.


Your whatsapp number will be only used to login and obtain your personal API key.

We send messages from our own numbers.
This means your personal whatsapp number will not be exposed to recipient.

Currently you will be allowed to send 3 messages every 6 hours.
This is trial version of service.

When paid - you can send unlimited number of messages.
But not faster than 1 message in 5 seconds

Contact me for paid subscription contact

You should not think about using this service for spamming. It works like a regular whatsapp application. Recipient will block you.

Yes, you can use your custom phone number for messaging. If you want of course. Contact me for pricing.


telegram: @m0ntanoid