whatsapp messaging service

cheaper than whatsapp business
one-time codes / notifications / alarms / reminders / see details


cURL example (send message to yourself):
curl \
-d "apikey=your_api_key_here" \
-d "dst=whatsapp_number" \
-d "msg=hello" \

Server reply (JSON):

Now get status:
curl \
-d "apikey=your_api_key_here" \
-d "hash=5a4a2fe6faef6065d370b377569c900b" \

Server reply (JSON):
refer to status codes list below

Status codes

code meaning
2successfully delivered
1still sending
0in queue to be sent
-100was not delivered: wrong phone number, etc
-101some parameters are missing in API query
-102incorrect API key
-103error putting message on queue
-104message with specified hash was not found (wrong hash)